Cannary Packaging Inc. provides the picks and shovels for the green rush by providing premier vape products, branding and custom packaging for emerging leaders in the cannabis industry.

Cannary is experiencing strong revenue growth, and is establishing industry leading margins. The Company achieved $4 Million USD revenue in its first calendar year of operations. Management  has been identifying new and unexplored potentials in all areas of the global cannabis marketplace. The Company has identified significant opportunities in the North American cannabis vape hardware and custom packaging industry.

Strategic Acquisitions and Mergers
Cannary is positioned to leverage its operations in California,  the world’s largest cannabis market forecast to reach $7.2 Billion USD in 2024 (Arcview & BDS Analytics) to increase its U.S. market penetration. Cannary is currently in negotiation with a U.S. publicly listed company for a potential merger in 2020. Management continues to identify, evaluate and act on strategic acquisition opportunities that will enable it to launch new product lines in emerging high value legal cannabis markets.


$29.3 Billion USD by 2022
The global market vape market size is projected to reach $29.3 Billion by 2023; and register a CAGR of 20.3% in terms of revenue.

-The Business Research Company

There is a promising future in the industry overall, but there are specific opportunities for the introduction of high quality innovative products to meet the global demand for safe, reliable products. The vaping trend has hit the cannabis industry hard and is compounded by significant growth in both the THC and CBD concentrate markets.


Cannary is the North American distribution agent of Verified® Vapes, a product line of premier vaporizer hardware. In response to the demand for safe, reliable vape hardware, the Verified® product line comprises high quality vape cartridges, disposables vaporizers and batteries. Verified® products have strong appeal to the legal cannabis market, including licensed producers, retailers and wholesalers. Verified® Vapes product line features a competitive price point leveraged by direct product sourcing and strict supply chain management.


Cannary's mission is to bring intelligent packaging solutions and innovative branding to both the global medical and recreational cannabis markets. Our in-house design and development team has been instrumental in establishing successful cannabis brands that achieve strong recognition in the rapidly evolving cannabis space.

Cannary’s team are experts in regulatory compliant packaging solutions and retail facing products for the cannabis consumer. We offer a full spectrum of custom packaging, and branding services specifically targeted to the legal cannabis industry. Our services encompass the spectrum of cannabis product categories; vapes, extracts, tinctures, edibles and topicals.

As cannabis legalization spreads across the globe, Cannary is responding to market demand for custom packaging and branding capabilities.

Cannary is a highly dynamic distributor platform focused on the cannabis industry. Our unique relationships with licensed producers, dispensaries, manufacturers and ancillary companies will continue to provide us with early mover opportunities to expand into new segments within the rapidly evolving legal cannabis industry.

– Mike Shenher, CEO


Cannary has assembled a highly experienced executive team with expertise in management, financing, capital markets, branding, marketing, intellectual property, licensing, compliance and operations. They have been instrumental in launching successful cannabis start-ups, including establishing sales and distribution channels that have contributed to shaping emerging markets. With over 30 years combined experience in the cannabis space, the operationally focused management team is well positioned to advance the Company’s global expansion.

Michael Shenher

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Shenher has held a number of senior management and executive positions over the course of his distinguished year career. In 2018, he co-founded Cannary Inc., he presently serves as CEO. Under his leadership, Cannary has established itself as a leading cannabis packaging, marketing, and ancillary product company within the cannabis industry. Under his tenure, Cannary was the recipient of the Rising Star, Business Excellence Award presented by the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.

Over the past 25 years, he has successfully honed his entrepreneurial skill-set, intuitively discerning threads of opportunity within each of his business endeavours. He was the founder of General Bio Energy Inc., ranked Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies Profit Hot 50 (2010). He served as Chief of Staff to a Member of Parliament, and was the recipient of the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal of Honour 2005.

Walter Schredl

President & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Schredl was appointed to the position of President of Cannary Packaging Inc. in September 2019. He has held the position of Chief Financial Officer since February 2019.

Mr. Schredl is an accomplished business professional with over 25 years of diverse and progressive experience in business process analytics, finance, operations and project management. He specializes in regulatory compliance, and implementing operational efficiencies. His experience includes extensive work overseas functioning within and leading high volume work environments, while achieving high levels of stakeholder satisfaction. As an integral member of Cannary's management team he is adept at delivering strategic objectives effectively.

He holds an MBA in Finance from the Australian Institute of Business

Chad Costa

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Costa is a co-founder of Cannary. He was appointed to the position of Chief Strategy Officer at Cannary in April 2019. He is a seasoned executive a long history of successful start-ups in the cannabis, and hemp-derived CBD industries. He is skilled in management, sales, marketing, and business development. He is a serial entrepreneur in the cannabis space; with well-respected expertise in the branding and marketing of hemp-derived products.

Mr. Costa's expertise includes product branding and product development. He applies his considerable knowledge to corporate strategy, product development, and cannabis business development planning. He is the founder of Pettanicals, a leader in the pet health and performance industry. Mr. Costa is a co-founder of Hemp Technology Inc., and was appointed to President of the company in March of 2019.

Rob McMillan

Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. McMillan is a co-founder of Cannary, and holds the position of Chief Revenue Officer.

He is a serial entrepreneur in the cannabis industry with over a decade of experience. Rob specializes in intellectual property (IP), branding, licensing, and domains within the cannabis space. He has considerable expertise in the sales and marketing of ancillary products. He brings an in-depth knowledge of cannabis regulation and compliance to Cannary's management team.

Prior to joining Cannary’s executive team, Mr. McMillan spent several years interacting with Health Canada with regards to medical licensing; the new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR), and its predecessor the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR).

Stephen Jesson

President, Cannary LA

Mr. Jesson is a serial entrepreneur in several successful U.S. businesses.

Mr. Jesson is the co-founder of Blue Ocean Group, Boom Rentals LLC,, WIRL Inc. and Bullet Distribution Inc.
He has an in-depth knowledge the cannabis industry and has cultivated an international network of business relationships. His expertise includes business development, project management, team building, and telecommunications.

He presently holds the position of President of Cannary LA.

Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology

Joseph Chicas

Director of Business Development, Cannary LA

Mr. Chicas holds several advisory and executive roles in the California cannabis industry. He is the Executive Director,
Cannabis Advising Partners, CEO, of Green Well Company, Inc., and is the founder of the Trojan Cannabis Network.

Several years advisory experience in cannabis licensing, expertise in policy analysis, policy advocacy, coalition building, and organizational development

He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of California, a MA in Social Work from the University of Southern California, and is an Adjunct Professor, at USC.


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